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GAINS’ reporting and analysis capabilities are designed to provide support and direction for students and staff using ACT®'s EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT assessments of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science and the WorkKeys assessments of Applied Math, Reading for Information, and Locating Information. These assessments measure components of the Common Core State Standards which offers schools the opportunity to align curriculum for student success. GAINS’ reports of EPAS data will facilitate your improvement efforts. GAINS is dedicated to being your partner in your school’s or district’s long term success.



GAINS can report on ACT®  and SAT® retired tests. Test booklets and/or data disks can be directly purchased by schools from ACT®, Inc. ( Practice SAT test booklets can be download from the College Board.


GAINS Standards-Based Scoring and Reporting Services for Retired Assessments. GAINS can supply the preprinted student answer sheets, the scoring services, and a variety of reports that will help schools get the most from the data. Please call for additional information.


ACT®, Inc. offers the following important reminder for educators interested in using sample (retired) tests:

Sample tests are not secure assessments, and potential wide item exposure reduces their utility in measuring individual students' skills, identifying needed interventions or assessing the collective skill levels of groups of students, as access to the items is not strictly controlled. Using scores from these sample tests for purposes other than providing students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with test formats and the testing experience is strongly discouraged. For measuring student skills, identifying needed interventions or assessing the collective skill levels of groups of students, your school is encouraged to purchase current tests from ACT®, Inc.



You receive a series of reports and data to make the best instructional decision for your students.


GAINS Reports allow students and teachers to monitor student progress toward mastery of essential skills. Reports are generated for the grade level and optionally for the individual classroom level.

Statistics Report:

  • Test items are displayed by item order​

  • Summary statistics are displayed for each strand

  • The percent of students who scored in the top 27% and bottom 27% are displayed for each answer response


Test Item Analysis Report:

  • Test items are categorized by subarea and descriptor

  • The percentage of responses for each item is displayed

  • Bar graphs show the percent correct for each item

Student Scale Score Roster:

  • Each student is listed with each of the four subtests of English, Reading, a combination of English and Reading, and Math scores

  • Composite scores are given for each student

  • Composite scores are shaded by college readiness

Student Roster by Strand:

  • Each student is listed with both a number and percent correct in each of the subject’s strands

  • This analysis allows teachers to focus on specific areas in a subject area for each student





Student Score Report:

  • Individual student reports for each subject

  • The student response section lists category for each item and the correct response as the "key"

  • Each item is organized by CRS strand with the score band

  • Student answers for each item are displayed with the corresponding correct answer. Lower case letters indicate an incorrect answer




Exported Data:

  • Disaggregate data into relevant subgroups

  • Merge EPAS data with other assessment or demographic data

  • Create custom data analysis and displays








Call for pricing at 847-995-0403 or


9-12 Scoring and Reporting of Retired ACT and SAT tests













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